Saturday, January 10, 2009

Writers Workshop

I'm late doing my homework(again)

*Mental note* Put Momma Kat on subscribe

Anyway I am going to attempt to try to get 6 words to describe me out of my husband if I can manage to get him away from playing cards online.

Me:Ohhh Honeyyyyyyy!
Him: hold on a sec
(God forbid I interrupt him during his precious game)

Me: I need to know how you describe me in 6 words!


*groan* (from me)

Apparently someone he is playing with has an almost identical name as his dad..why his dad would be online playing a card game is beyond me but surprise, surprise it was not him.

But I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one having this problem since my friend Ashley and Momma Kat did also.

Hubby:Why are you asking me after I started drinking?
Me: Because your always drinking....

More cursing at the computer screen as he's still trying to think of six words.

I am laughing and telling him I am typing everything he does/says

Him: shhhhh!

Now I have to be quiet so the genius can think.

Ok so now my almost drunk hubby has his list ready:

*burp* Yes, he really burped.

1: great
2: awesome(Last time I checked awesome and great were the same word)
3: wonderful
4. thoughtful
5: bootyful(his saying)
6: sexy(again, he's pretty drunk by now)

so there ya go folks, how my husband describes me (the drunk version).

Til later!


Paige said...

Why will boys never figure out that everything they do is fodder for the blog?

Good list though!

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