Thursday, January 29, 2009

My new addiction

Wasabi Peas!!!

I never had them before but I went to the PX mall area to get little man's hair cut. There are many Asian women who are married to military guys and there happened to be one who worked at the barber shop. She was snacking on these little pieces of hot goodness and I told her that I never had tried those before but hinted that I wanted to. She let me have a few and although they burnt the hell out of my mouth they were so good! We talked about sushi and how I soo love it. She added that she never really met many Americans that liked sushi. I told her that I looove it (even the eel yum!)

I am a foodie and going to be going to culinary school so I love trying anything!

So if you love spiciness and also want to watch your weight, these are perfect! I think I would eat these over chips any day!

To Noah's mommy, you can get them at the grocery store, they are in the Oriental section! :)

Nutrition facts for 1 serving (1 oz, 54 peas)
Calories: 130
Fat: 4 grams (beat that greasy chips!)
Carbs: 18
Protein: 4 (yeay!)

So these are officially my new "junk food" snack for nighttime TV watching. Now I need to wait for Soap Network to play Y&R because my dumb butt accidentally deleted it from this morning!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My new years giveaway!

Doesn't a slice of Nana's Apple Cake go good with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream?(or Tastefully Simple's caramel sauce?) Well I have a box of this goodness and this contest will run until the 8th of February.

What do I need to do to get my hands on this yummy prize you ask?

Comment me~1 vote
Write a post on your blog with a link to me~2 votes
Follow me~1 vote (If you are already following me and want in on the goods leave me a comment about it)

Good luck and trust me you will want more after tasting this bit of heaven!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mama Kat's Workshop

Because I'm always late on doing this no matter if I subscribed her or not(joys of being a mom!) I admit that when I remember is when I'm checking out my friend Ashley's blog. But here are her choices for us:

The Prompts:

1.) Describe your significant other's most attractive quality (on the inside).

2.) Tell about a time you stole something.

3.) Choose a poem you like. Take the last line and use it as the first line of your own poem. (

4.) Write about a scary encounter with one of your old professors.

I chose to write about my hubby, and here is why:

I have never met anyone so generous and giving in all my life. He will literally give you the shirt off his back and even his coat if its cold. He will watch the kids when I need him to. He won't complain about pretty much anything. If I want to go do something with the girls he says "Have a good time!". He has an amazing heart and soul and I don't know if I could find anyone else like him. My friends are amazed at how different he is compared to other guys. I say its all in the up-bringing by his soft hearted mom who did everything for her children.

Hubby and I have had more downs than ups but all in all he is amazing and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Hubby is on the left with his goofy buddy.

Happy Blogoversary to me!

So today was a pretty good day for me. I woke up and found that I got another awesome award!

Liza from Mommy's Little Corner gave me this:

I have to write down 5 obsessions and then award this to 5 others.

My obsessions:

1. Jesus
2. Avon
3. Tastefully Simple
4. blogging
5. my family

5 lucky awardees:

Pinay Jade
Jenn Cooks
SAH Military Wife

So there ya go! Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow, the army is getting desperate indeed!

So now when high school kids want to chill and hang out in the mall they can get a "feel" for what its like in the army thanks to desperate recruiters. What better is it to put in free video games to lure in your child to get him to think the army is all fun and games!
From Yahoo Tech:

Pssst, kid! Wanna play some video games?

That's the latest come-on from the U.S. Army, which continues to refine its approach toward engaging teens and twentysomethings. Having seen amazing success with recruiting thanks to its America's Army home computer game, the military is now taking the pitch to the mall. Specifically, to the Franklin Mills shopping center in Philadelphia, where it has set up 60 gaming PCs, 19 Xbox 360s, plush couches, and "rock music" for potential recruits to enjoy.

There's even a real Humvee that players can shoot from installed as part of a 15-foot-high projected battle simulation and an Apache helicopter simulator that recruits can fly.

Sounds like a killer gaming setup... but of course there's a not-so-ulterior motive at work. It's all part of a plan to get younger kids interested in signing up for service, thinking that shooting terrorists in active combat is all part of a day's work.

Naturally, critics are out in full force, including a former Army staff sargeant, Jesse Hamltion, who accuses the Army of misleading kids with deceptive, unrealistic scenarios. Hamilton notes that recruits are unlikely to see active combat and that "the only way to simulate the heat is holding a blow dryer to your face."

Still, the move of course comes at a good time for the Army, which has struggled to fill its ranks for several years thanks to some overwhelmingly bad press. But with civilian unemployment skyrocketing and the situation in Iraq looking better than it has in ages (particularly with the prospect of troops coming home), the Army's high-tech mall paradise may actually be more than it needs to woo the young and impressionable.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

mmm maple syrup giveaway!

I love real maple syrup and when I was at an expo here in Alaska during Christmas time I got to taste the fresh stuff and it was oh-so-good! 1stopmom is giving away a gift box of organic pancake mix and maple syrup! YUM! I would so love to win this great giveaway and I'm sure my family would too!

You can also check out the website that she put on her blog here

American Idol is back!

I watched the auditions tonight (after everyone else down in the lower 48 already did) and laughed my butt off! I love watching the auditions, I think I would rather watch those than the actual show! Tonight my favorite person was the little guy in the striped shirt. He was trying to sing Carrie Underwood but sounded like the gremlin guy from Lord of the Rings! I know how difficult it is to go and sing in front of the judges and get it shown on national TV but c'mon! Why would you embarrass yourself like that?!?

Maybe I should go embarrass myself for my 5 minutes of fame! haha

Monday, January 12, 2009

What a great gift idea!

So I was looking online on to find some work at home jobs and came across this great website. They need someone to work for them but not sure if I had the qualifications to do so but I had to check out their website.

It is called Giftventure and this is how it works:(taken from the website)

What is a Giftventure?
You supply the gift. We provide the adventure!

A Giftventure is a personalized treasure hunt service where all of the materials are custom made and delivered to you! You simply choose an adventure, a character, and a hiding place for a gift that you provide. Enter the location where you have the hidden gift, some of the child’s personal interests, (such as a favorite game, or a local landmark), and you’re all set! Using the information you provide, we create and mail a series of letters and puzzles addressed to the child who must solve the puzzles and follow the clues in the letters to discover the location of your hidden gift.

It is for anyone for any occasion, check out the website for more information. I think I may do this for my son this year!

You can also sign up to get a sample as I did and it comes to you in your e-mail!

Giving birth can be orgasmic?

I know that this is old news but I'm still in awe of this because if I knew that this could actually happen I would not have been begging for an epidural my past two pregnancies(I would, however request a smoking room!).

If you never heard of this here is the website

The blog I got some of the information from is here and this is some of the documentary:

The documentary follows 11 beautiful and natural births; two of the women orgasm during labor. Amber Hartnell of Hawaii, who gave birth to her son in a tub in her yard, says: "All of a sudden the orgasm just started rolling through and rolling through, and it just kept coming, and my whole body was spiraling and rolling, and I was laughing and crying." Similarly, Tamra Larter of New Jersey says: "It was happening, and I could hardly breathe, and it was like, 'oh, that feels good.' That's all I could say really."

So exactly how does this work?

In the film, Christine Northrup, an ob-gyn and author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, explains: "When the baby's coming down the birth canal, remember, it's going through the exact same positions as something going in, the penis going into the vagina, to cause an orgasm. And labor itself is associated with a huge hormonal change in the body, way more prolactin, way more oxytocin, way more beta-endorphins--these are the molecules of ecstasy."

The documentary director Debra Pascali-Bonaro, a childbirth educator and a doula, says the right atmosphere is key. "A woman needs privacy," Pascali-Bonaro told SFGate. "She needs to be in a place where she feels undisturbed and that place is usually at home--not a hospital where you're hooked up to machines and doctors and nurses are coming and going. You need to be with people you know and trust. In many cases, the partner is involved and intimate in the experience but that isn't always the case."

Now before you get too excited, let's talk about the odds of climaxing when pushing out an 8-pound baby?

"In my 23 years of being present at over 850 births, I really can't say that I have seen anyone experience this," says Maria Iorillo, a San Francisco-based California licensed midwife. "Maybe they did and I didn't know it? Can you hide an orgasm? And even if someone did, we are almost looking at 1 in 1000 births. I think it is definitely too high a bar to set for women. My goal is to just have a safe and satisfying birth experience. When we have a majority of women experiencing that, then maybe we can look further."

Pascali-Bonaro says her movie is about much more than orgasms. "It's about sharing the different possibilities that are available to women," she says. "It's about showing women that they can have a pleasurable experience--an undisturbed birth free of unnecessary medical interventions. It's about having freedom of movement during labor and using birthing balls, being upright, dimming the lights. But for some women childbirth is really hard and painful, and I don't want to take away from that. This movie isn't meant to raise expectations. It's meant to inspire."

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Disney salutes the Military 2009

Disney has been doing this for years and I think its a wonderful treat (not because I am an army brat/wife!lol)!

Here is the information and I am hoping they'll continue to do this every year so I can take the kiddos when they get older.

From Mouse Misers:

Walt Disney World has just introduced a special Armed Forces Salute Ticket for 2009. Each qualifying Military Service member* will receive a complimentary 5-Day “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Ticket” with Park Hopper and Water Park Fun & More Options included. To receive the FREE ticket, visit any theme park Guest Relations window and show proper ID.

In addition to the free Armed Forces Salute Ticket, up to 5 of their guests can purchase for $99 a Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion (5 Day Base) ticket. Park Hopper or Water Park Fun & More option are available for $25 each (which is 50% off the normal price). Companion tickets may be upgraded to Premium, Annual or Seasonal Passes. Seasonal Pass upgrade requires proof of Florida Residency. Companion tickets may not be upgraded by adding the no expiration option, and you cannot add additional days to the passes.

Companion tickets may be purchased at any Disney World ticket window or guest services. You may also purchase tickets at Shades of Green, located at Walt Disney World or on your base (these two options are tax-free). If you purchase the tickets at Shades of Green or on base, you will receive a voucher that you will trade in once you arrive at a Walt Disney World ticket window.

Armed Forces Salute tickets will expire on 12/23/09 and have no block-out dates. Tickets may be upgraded anytime between January 4th -December 23, 2009 as long as there is usage left on the ticket.

The entire party needs to be present for purchase (Spouse or military dependents can receive the companion discount without the military service member being present as long as they have their military ID). The military service member will need to show ID; Cast Member will ask for their Base’s name, and the State where the base is listed.

This offer is only available once per service member.

*This offer is available to anyone on active duty in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserve, and retired military. Activated members of the National Guard and Reservists must present active duty orders in addition to valid military ID. You must have been active for any length of time between 1/1/08 and 12/23/09. Dept of Defense (CIA, FBI, Secret Service) and Coalition Forces are excluded.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Writers Workshop

I'm late doing my homework(again)

*Mental note* Put Momma Kat on subscribe

Anyway I am going to attempt to try to get 6 words to describe me out of my husband if I can manage to get him away from playing cards online.

Me:Ohhh Honeyyyyyyy!
Him: hold on a sec
(God forbid I interrupt him during his precious game)

Me: I need to know how you describe me in 6 words!


*groan* (from me)

Apparently someone he is playing with has an almost identical name as his dad..why his dad would be online playing a card game is beyond me but surprise, surprise it was not him.

But I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one having this problem since my friend Ashley and Momma Kat did also.

Hubby:Why are you asking me after I started drinking?
Me: Because your always drinking....

More cursing at the computer screen as he's still trying to think of six words.

I am laughing and telling him I am typing everything he does/says

Him: shhhhh!

Now I have to be quiet so the genius can think.

Ok so now my almost drunk hubby has his list ready:

*burp* Yes, he really burped.

1: great
2: awesome(Last time I checked awesome and great were the same word)
3: wonderful
4. thoughtful
5: bootyful(his saying)
6: sexy(again, he's pretty drunk by now)

so there ya go folks, how my husband describes me (the drunk version).

Til later!

How can that happen?

So after looking at my ranks I decided that if I don't blog regularly my ranking goes down! I know, I know, no big deal but I like being kinda popular which is why I signed up for Entrecard last year. I did drop some cards a couple hours ago though.

Nothing new has been going on with me. It needs to warm up here in below temps Alaska thats for sure! I manage to get the kids out when I can and take them with me to PWOC on Tuesdays. I really enjoy going to Bible study it has been so refreshing for me and has made me a better person.

I am going to work on writers workshop though so I will have 2 blogs in a day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stop writing 2008 for goodness sakes!

I did.

At the commissary in the checkout line. I am sure I am not the only one who has done it in the early days of January. Hell, its only Jan 7 so its going to take me til at least March until I realize that it is actually 2009.

I am hoping this year will be a better year than last year but I think thats what everyone says when the ball goes down in Times Square each New Year. I really love my friend Ashley's saying because it always brings back the old Patty Loveless song, "How can I help you to say goodbye". Her favorite saying is: "Life's about changing, nothing ever stays the same". Its one of the most depressing quotes but its so true. Sometimes I hate change because all you have left sometimes are just memories of past years. Times with my grandma were so taken advantage of and now that she is gone, each Christmas brings back those memories of the times I should have spent with her when I lived with her my senior year of high school. You never know when things happen until they do and thats where the dreaded "change" comes in.

I hope that I can spend more time with people who I love and not take advantage of those times doing meaningless things that have no importance in my life.

I also would like to get more in touch with God. He has been a big influence on my happiness and He has been there when I needed to vent and felt I had noone to talk to. I have been making more time for Him which was well needed.

I hope you all have a fabulous new year and continue to be my favorite readers, you are the greatest! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where have you been?

Oh potty training won't be so hard if I win THIS:

Samantha is having an awesome giveaway! She is giving away one lucky blogger *crosses fingers* a Peter Potty urinal! They sell it on the website for $39.99 which is a great investment if my son decides to actually pee in a potty. I have been having the hardest time trying to get him to go so I am hoping that this will work. If not I can either sell it or have a giveaway myself!

If you are interested in this great giveaway check out her site!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Baby, its cold outside!

I apologize to my stalkers that I have not posted in awhile. I have been in a mood lately due to cabin fever. Its pretty bad lately since the "warmest" it has been here in Alaska is -5 degrees. I am so counting down the days until I can get down south again and warm my tushie!

I want to say "thanks" to Jami for letting me know she got her tasty prize from me! I hope you and the family enjoyed it and I hope you noticed I placed my card nonchalantly in the mocha top! hehe. Don't be shy if you want more tasty goodies!

Which reminds me...

Keep checking in around the next couple months because I plan on having another contest soon. It may either be Tastefully Simple or Avon...hey, I need more customers ya know!

Oh yes, I also signed up for the 50 million pound challenge. I was so sick of being one of the many stereotypes of fat military wives(we are, as Monique says, Fabulous and Thick) so I made a group just for us. If you want to join here is the link: wives getting fit

I would love to lose the weight I put on after giving birth to my babies. Any mom knows how difficult that can be sometimes.

I hope everyone has a great new year and I hope you all achieve your resolutions!

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