Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I went to PWOC today like every Tuesday (PWOC is women's bible study) and today we discussed sex and the female orgasm. It reminded me of an old post I made back in May. I learned that it is necessary for us females to have an orgasm regularly (yeah, okay, that will happen) but its not the main goal of a sexual union. It got me to think about things like that and instead of stressing about "getting there" I should just lay back and relax and enjoy my husband. I think that it will be better for both of us for me to do just that so the next romp session I will think about this discussion today and see how it goes.


Mountain Woman said...

You got some good advice in your class. Sometimes if you don't worry so much about the goal, you get there anyway and have more fun too :)

mammadawg.com said...

Definitely agree - worry and anxiety about it will most likely put it off... Ditto to Mountain Woman - it'll be lots more fun when you get a chance to simply... enjoy it. :)

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