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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now is the time to learn another language

So I decided that I wanted to learn German. I could have gotten the chance to learn it when I was actually living in Germany for almost 3 years but give up sightseeing and traveling with no children in tow? No way! So now with 2 kids I have the Rosetta Stone learning German program I borrowed from the library.

So since I had the car this week due to greedy hubby being in the field til Friday I decided to take advantage of the situation (plus I had books that were due back in July!). So bundling up the kids and putting them in the car we took off down the road to the post library. I decided that I should look for some information about learning German and when the lady told me they had Rosetta Stone programs I was excited because I heard really good stuff about the company. Braden found a movie he wanted (Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin) so I decided to borrow something myself.

I am really excited about starting this although there is a ton of things I have to do for it as you can see here:

I have only 30 short days to check this program out so maybe they'll let me recheck it out if I don't finish. Not to change the whole point of this blog but my friend Liz got me hooked on Grey's Anatomy and since it is on season 5 or 6? I have a bit of catching up to do since I had never watched it before!


The BoBo said...

Hallo, Wie Gehts? Viel glucke mit ihren studien. Wohne ich im Deutscheland, gam ken, fur 8 jahren!

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