Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I hate being stuck!

As in the weight!  I'm stuck between 190 and 189 and no matter what I do it will. not. budge.  I have started Wii again so we will see if the scale will go down again.  I really don't wanna go back on HCG no matter how freaking amazing it is...I'm not loving the sagging skin on me from the 50 lb weight loss so I need to exercise to firm that up and with HCG I can't sweat!  I have an excuse for this week since its that time of the month chocolate has been calling my name and I have been answering it but I've also been doing 30 min of Wii everyday also so that makes up for it...or thats what I just tell myself!

I am glad that my size 16s are still loose and I still wear them no matter what.  I got rid of anything 18 because I will NOT wear that size again no matter what. 

My life right now is just insane and its really hard for me to talk about it right now so its mainly the people thats closest to me that I am opening up to, or at least I'm trying to open up to. 

I will try and update my blog as much as I can and when I get the chance to.

Til later


CJ said...

I know I am responding to an older post and you may have overcome the plateau you reached last July.

I just lost about 30% of my weight ---well "just" isn't a good word. I should say "finally" after 10 months. I have about 10% more to go. Along the way, I got trapped at some weights for a while. I found if I put in an extra cardio session or did some strength exercises ---or just did anything differently, it seemed to get me rolling again. Also, I refuse to be still. I march in place while waiting for water to boil, do standing push-ups leaning on the washing machine while waiting for the dryer to complete its cycle, or jumping jacks waiting for the microwave to ding. Another thing I learned is that as one gets smaller, one must eat even less because you need less to maintain the lower weight, so even less than that to lose. Someone suggested SparkPeople.com ---I track everything I eat there every day. Otherwise I would overeat all the time.

My understanding is that, short of plastic surgery, the excess skin will not go away no matter what one does. I would consider it if it weren't for the expense. But then, I remember seeing a 60-Minutes program featuring a state-of-the-art hospital/resort in Thailand. The cost of plastic surgery there is about half what it costs here including the air-fare and a week of recovery at the resort. That might be worth it.

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