Thursday, October 9, 2008

When I'm upset

So I got hooked on this one blogger, Mama's Losin' It thanks to my friend Ashley's blog.

Miss Mama's Losin' It wants us to choose from some topics so I decided to choose when I'm upset, so here goes:

When I am upset I clean. I don't mean "Oh I'm so mad I'm going to do the laundry" clean, I mean, GET OUT OF MY WAY MOMMA IS ON A CLEANING STREAK kinda clean. Not only does the laundry get done, rooms are spotless, bathrooms are shiny, and the kitchen looks like a kitchen and not like a 30 and 3 year old have been in it trying to concoct up something that considers a meal. When I was childless my house was clean constantly and not because my husband drove me nuts 99.9 percent of the time it was that I lived with a woman who had (still has) a case of OCD. She rubbed off on me so if I have something on my mind, if someone pissed me off, or if I just am bored, I'm off cleaning something. Don't get me wrong, I still have clutter but not too much that I can't concentrate (not much to say about my computer desk however).

I really wanted to write about my holiday memories but it would have been a bit similar to Ashley's because we are both not only army wives but army brats as well and since I had been already yelled at and accused for "copying" someone's blog post (oh yeah and I was deleted off of her myspace, boohoo) I decided to write this one instead.

Til next time!


Lex the mom said...

It's odd that some people call it copying - there is no way to determine that, unless it's word for word. The friends that are true stay with us.

I am with you on the mad cleaning. I only do it (not cleaning in general, the OCD type job) when really upset with the hub, though. Funny how that works. What message am I conveying - piss me off & I will make sure your are comfortable and clean. Gah!

Michelle said...

Hey if I invite you over and make you mad, will you clean my house, too? ;) (Just kidding. I think.)

And weird, but you're the second blogger I've run across who's had someone nastily accuse them of copying. Although the other blogger's issues were worse (she got stalked and has now deleted her blog sadly). I so don't get people.

Anyway, I think your post was highly entertaining!

Melissa said...

Just think, if you got mad all the time, your house would be SPOTLESS!!! I'm like you, I get done and clean...scrub hard--as if I were scrubbing the thing (or face of) that pissed me off...he-he

Tiaras said...

ha h a- I get the vacuum out when I am mad too!! hilarious!

Mama Kat said...

I totally clean when I'm upset!! It's a great distraction. :)

And thanks for the info. on Tyler...I'm gonna go check out those sites now...

Cathy said...

Hey I guess I'm not the only one, lol. That's what I do too, I get things done. I guess it gives me the drive. But I don't want to me mad all the time just to get my house clean, lol.

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