Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yeah, that might ruin your weekend..

I watched tried not to puke during this movie called Teeth. I had noticed the movie when I was browsing the horror section at Best Buy and thought it was very, um, interesting. I decided to watch it instantly on my netflix with my bestie, Liz.

I'll give you the cliff notes:

A young high school girl wears a red promise ring to symbolize her purity til marriage. She meets a guy in the "promise" group and they decide to group date with another couple. Then they are alone swimming in a lake and end up in this dark hole and he wants to get her to have sex with him and she refuses. He decides that no means yes and tries to do the deed. He gets inside her and as she is trying to push him away he screams. Her vagina bites off his penis...yes boys and girls, the teenage girl has teeth in her vagina to protect her from prepubescent boys who try to take advantage of her. The rest of the movie, well, you'll have to see for yourself.

Its supposed to be a horror movie but I think its just an "I hate men" kinda flick. Its one for a group of women who just broke up with their boyfriends and want some revenge humor in their lives.

I wonder if hubby would watch it?


TroubleX2 said...




Sounds funny in a really sick way :)

jenny-up the hill said...

LOL! You made me spew fruit punch through my nose! lol!! What an interesting movie!!

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